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The Papua New Guinea Divers association (PNGDA) in collaboration with Tropicair/Medicair & DAN, provide a world class evacuation and treatment system in PNG. This includes a recompression chamber in Port Moresby. In the event of a diving incident resulting in injury

PNGDA recommends the following course of action:


1. Call Divers Emergency Services (DES) in Australia. Phone +61882129242

* The doctor on duty will assess the situation and give advice on the course of action to take.

DES will NOT make the arrangements for evacuation.


2. Verify the injured parties' insurance status and call the nominated emergency provider.

*Be prepared with details including Policy number, description, and location of the accident, contact details & name for the DES consulting doctor.


3. If evacuation is advised, call Tropicair 3112673 Bh. or 76875047

For non-insured patients, you will have to arrange for evacuation privately, which can be done by Tropicair.



  • Prodive PNG: 71949333

  • Tropicair /Medicair 76875047 or 73104770 or 71295679

  • DAN USA + 919684111

  • DAN Asia Pacific +61882129242

  • DAN Europe 3906-4211 5685


The PNGDA recommends all divers within PNG are insured, as evacuation and treatments costs can be high. The PNGDA recommends and supports DAN. DAN membership and insurance can be arranged by PNGDA affiliated dive operators. Ask your dive center for details.

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