PRO Dive PNG, formerly known as "The Dive Centre," is one of the oldest and the most prominent dive operator in Papua New Guinea.


We have been organizing trips daily for discerning certified divers and providing quality rental equipment since 1995.


Our experienced staff can put even the most nervous first timer at ease. All courses use the most up-to-date and complete training materials and methods, and quality boat dives.

Diving Port Moresby Overview

We call it "the gift of Papua"!

Papua New Guinea lies within the "Coral Triangle" which is famous for having some of the highest marine diversity on the planet. The reefs are, as yet, relateivly unspoiled by the ravages of climate change, bleaching and costal development which affects the reef in many locations.

It has been noted that Port Moresby has the best capital city diving in the region. Indeed, we are very lucky to have access to a variety of unspoiled diving environments so close to all the convenience and amenities offered by the Nation's capital, Port Moresby.

Offshore from Port Moresby stretches the Papuan Barrier Reef. Off the seaward face of this reef there are steer dropoffs/walls with the deep waters of the Coral sea.

Within the lagoon formed by the barrier reef are the various patch reefs and fringing reefs surrounding the islands within. This results in a variety of marine environments within a relatively short distance of our base.



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